The Road So Far


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released November 2, 2012



all rights reserved


BREAKTHROUGH Brugge, Belgium

Max - Vocals
Ce - Guitar/Vocals
Tessa - Guitar
Oli - Bass/Vocals
??? - Drums

Hardcore/Punk hailing from Bruges, Belgium. Influences:
Minor Threat, Black Flag, Descendents, Slayer, Bad Religion, Bold, Lagwagon, Negative Approach, In My Eyes, American Nightmare, Bane, Suicide Machines, MLIW, No Turning Back, Converge, Sick Of It All, Propagandhi, Batman, good times, bad times, family and friends
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Track Name: Intro
What have we become?
Is this the place that we fought for?
These are the signals we can not ignore
We groping in the dark
But it's time to take a stand and start a revolution

In times like these when there's no light
We have to see and start a fire
With all the lessons tought to heart
We can not let this fall appart.

We're bloody wounded but we won't give up
This time we're gonna have to overthrow the odds
Make sure we're gonna have some stories to tell
About how we escaped from this godforsaken hell
Track Name: Spoonfed
I realise who you are
Now I see what you do
Everything's a game to you and
Your whole life's fucking spoonfed

You hide behind the curtain of the newest trend
But I know you're dead inside, it's all an act
Your values ain't worth shit
They come and go
You just stand in line
It's your poblem not mine

Everything you stand for is a fucking lie
Because I can see through you
Don't have to read your mind x2

It makes me fucking sick
That you still have your pride within
That you still can feel so free
And even think you're fucking better than me

Go run
Go run your fucking human race
Go run and hide
Go run and hide your fucking pokerface
From everyone that you once knew
From everyone that thought you cared
From every single thing that you stood for

Go run and hide
Hope you feel guilty in your brand new life
Track Name: This Is Not The End
The rush flies through my head
I'm thinking about the words you always said
To keep my guard up
Forget the problems
That just ain't worth it
But I keep dreaming about
The wrong place, wrong time
I'm having issues to keep it out of my mind
To grow stronger
Because after all
Who are those left here with me?

But in the well of my deepest thoughts
I keep my hand with my fingers crossed
Because this is not the end
The end is too fucking far away from here
We gotta reunite back to back and fight
for our hearts, our minds our scene and pride
We are not gonna let this slip away
This is our wake up call

Is this the way we're gonna pay?
We can not give up the hard work
Well fuck you, we are here to stay
They will never bring us down
This is not the end

Our eyes are closed
For the world outside
The hawk's exposed
But he hides in the rye
Like mist and rain on a beautiful day
We could miss this as hell
But still it's there
Everything's possible
Because this is faith
Anything in your own hands
But I guess I've broken the hourglass
Because the sand is slowly running away

Taking it's own path within the sands of time
Are we lost or is this something worse?
It's taking too long
We've spent fucking hours
Is this the way we're gonna pay?
Is this the way we're gonna give up everything we once loved
And turn our backs

This is not the end
Track Name: Carry On
You should be ashamed
What the fuck went through you head
You're nothing but enstranged
Do you know what to do when
Your ship is leaving shore
You sail right back to it
This is no way to stop
You are still feeling blue

So nothing in this world could make you change your fucking mind
You made the call, you chose to leave it all behind.
This place is tough, it's nothing new
I thought you really knew that too
It's not the time for waving your white flag just yet.

Carry on
There's still so much to learn
Carry on
There's still so much to see
Carry on
The biggest secrets are yet to be unfold

Carry on
There's still so much to gain
Carry on
There's still so much to feel
Carry on
The greatest stories are yet to be fucking told

Please carry on
Track Name: Overthrow
Where has it gone?
The times we used to sing along
The words that gave us hope
And pushed us through the days

The memories we shared back then
Were more than better times my friend
These days were fucking golden
I wish I could go back again

Let's give new life to this
Rebuild it brick by fucking brick
Whoever said these days are dead and forgotten?

It's time to set this message straight
We are one proud and honest face
Time to bring back the golden days
Track Name: Take It Back
Our end is coming closer now
But there's no way we're gonna
Give up what we love
And there's no fucking way
That I would ever let you down again
Because in this world of hate
Where there seems no way out
and you've got nothing left to live or die for
There's still a sparkle of hope
Trying to find it's way to our hearts

And I'll embrace it with no doubt
And you should too
So listen close to what I say

This is the time
To stand up for yourself
And make this fucking count
You wanna break the chains
You're longing to be free
But you just don't have the strength
Because you're a pawn in the game of this fucked up system
In you own, you keep killing time
I wanna help you, man
But in the end, friend, you can only help yourself

In your own mind
Keep killing time
Please hear these words I'm saying
You'll find a way to get out
When your head starts to clear
Remember I will stay right here
I will stand strong, ain't got no fear
Demons have given up on me
And they will give up on you too.
So break your chains
This is your chance
Your life is right before you
The darkest days have yet to come
But we can live a life so free
Just pull your head out of the sand
And just believe

The lives we led
we spend in cages
full of pain and regret
Time to get back on track
We've got the hope and pride
to take it back x4
Track Name: The Walking Dead
I take a look at the world today
I see the walking dead
But I'm not afraid
Because the spirit of life still lives in me

The egomaniacs hunt for the weak
who have the fear to let their own mind speak
But I will not just let them take me

Contagion bleeds corruption
The outbreak keeps on spreading
Are we the kids who'll keep tomorrow living?

The plague just keeps advancing
Blindness is in full action
Are we the kids who'll keep the next years standing?

Take life back
Back into your hands
Don't be a fool
Open your eyes
Don't let these zombies feed on you

Take life back
Back into your hands
Don't be a drone
Step out of line
Don't let the walking dead take you