This Is Not The End


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The rush flies through my head
I'm thinking about the words you always said
To keep my guard up
Forget the problems
That just ain't worth it
But I keep dreaming about
The wrong place, wrong time
I'm having issues to keep it out of my mind
To grow stronger
Because after all
Who are those left here with me?

But in the well of my deepest thoughts
I keep my hand with my fingers crossed
Because this is not the end
The end is too fucking far away from here
We gotta reunite back to back and fight
for our hearts, our minds our scene and pride
We are not gonna let this slip away
This is our wake up call

Is this the way we're gonna pay?
We can not give up the hard work
Well fuck you, we are here to stay
They will never bring us down
This is not the end

Our eyes are closed
For the world outside
The hawk's exposed
But he hides in the rye
Like mist and rain on a beautiful day
We could miss this as hell
But still it's there
Everything's possible
Because this is faith
Anything in your own hands
But I guess I've broken the hourglass
Because the sand is slowly running away

Taking it's own path within the sands of time
Are we lost or is this something worse?
It's taking too long
We've spent fucking hours
Is this the way we're gonna pay?
Is this the way we're gonna give up everything we once loved
And turn our backs

This is not the end


from The Road So Far, released November 2, 2012



all rights reserved


BREAKTHROUGH Brugge, Belgium

Max - Vocals
Ce - Guitar/Vocals
Tessa - Guitar
Oli - Bass/Vocals
??? - Drums

Hardcore/Punk hailing from Bruges, Belgium. Influences:
Minor Threat, Black Flag, Descendents, Slayer, Bad Religion, Bold, Lagwagon, Negative Approach, In My Eyes, American Nightmare, Bane, Suicide Machines, MLIW, No Turning Back, Converge, Sick Of It All, Propagandhi, Batman, good times, bad times, family and friends
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